Alzheimers Society

January 2018

Thank you for your email about reforming dementia care.  

I fully support the pledge to raise awareness of dementia. I have personally been impacted by dementia, as both of my Grandmothers suffered from the disease for many years.  

I can assure you that improving dementia care will continue to be a priority for the government, and I fully support the government's ambition to ensure that England will provide the world's best dementia care, through the challenge on Dementia 2020 initiative, which seeks to transform dementia care and research support by 2020.  

Progress in the care and support of people with dementia will continue to be made - 660,000 NHS staff have received dementia training, with over 100,000 social care workers receiving similar training to equip them with the knowledge and skills to provide compassionate care for those with dementia.  

I believe research is crucial to understanding and tackling dementia, and the Government has doubled research spending on dementia. This will be maintained to total over £300 million by 2020, with the UK's first ever Dementia Research Institute receiving £150 million.  

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.