Car Manufacturers and Supply Chains

October 2018

I regularly meet with Rolls Royce and representatives from the BMW Group representatives for Government, so I am well informed on the views of major manufacturers.

I worked in a car factory for 8 years. I understand 'just in time' supply chains and the economics behind car production. I also understand the ongoing competition between car plants in different countries to attract more production and jobs. It is a constant feature of multinational car production.

Discussions to date have focussed on understanding the needs of car manufacturing as we leave the EU. Indeed, much of the input can be seen in the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration which aims to keep close cooperation with the EU.

They support the Prime Ministers deal, BMW stated at the Paris Auto Show that they welcomed this week’s draft withdrawal agreement as a “positive step in the right direction” but said the political situation was uncertain.

“Uncertainty is not good for business. As a responsible employer, we must therefore continue to prepare for the worst-case scenario, which is what a no-deal Brexit would represent,” they added in a statement.

“We continue to call on all sides to work towards a final agreement which maintains the truly frictionless trade on which our international production network is based.”

I am still focused on trying to get the deal passed which would ensure an orderly Brexit, as I raised in Prime Minsters Questions.


Exiting the EU

A number of people have written to me asking for my opinion on the Brexit discussions which I have detailed below and will update as events change.