What people think...

Thank you Gillian very much for your help at this difficult time, it’s greatly appreciated. I feel sure that without your intervention I would still be waiting on my business loan application and we would be facing ruin. I am very impressed by your representation of your constituents.

Managing Director of a local business


After 8 weeks and hours on the phone to Barclays we were still unable to secure a Bounce Back Loan with Barclays. As a last resort we reached out to our MP, Gillian Keegan. She immediately wrote to Barclays for us and we were delighted to receive a call from the bank within a matter of days thanks to Gillian’s intervention. We know it was her influence which did the trick and we are VERY grateful and hope others will benefit from our experience!

Jackie Sharp, Founder of Co Prom Ltd - July 2020


Thank you so much for all the help contacting the DVLA and helping me getting my licence back! I can't express enough how much I appreciate it. So thank you!

Kenny (Constituent) - January 2020


I approached Gillian Keegan's office for assistance over a further Leave to Remain application which was being processed in the wrong category. Gillian was able to gain answers and action from UKVI where I could not and I am now in possession of the correct immigration paperwork as a result. Thank you.

Lana (Constituent) - November 2019


I am earnestly grateful for Gillian’s support to obtain my naturalisation.

After living in UK for long 15 years, I applied for my naturalisation. It wasn’t obviously easy those 15 years in the UK. The reason I’ve applied for my British passport, firstly, for the security and secondly, reassurance as a citizen in this country as my home in England. When I applied they refused me for the first time. I appealed but the results came with no joy! Unfortunately, I had been refused for the second time. When I lost all my hope and did not know where else to go about this matter, my cousin Saami and his wife Naajnin from Australia advised me to write to my local MP.

After seeking help from Gillian, it was basically impossible made possible. Gillian corresponded with the home office every time I asked her for help and gave me an end to end solution from the beginning till the end. I had to make a fresh application for the third time on the 22nd July 2019 and my naturalisation confirmation letter came through on the 21st August 2019 in less than a month. It wouldn’t have been possible without her help. Her continuous intervention made this elongated process quicker and easier than I expected. I wish her every the success in her personal life and career both.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to Gillian Keegan.

Farzeen (Constituent) - September 2019


Can I thank you again for intervening with ongoing problems we had with two housing associations, one based in Chichester. There were clear risks due to lack of security in the block because of the state of repair of one of their flats which had been sublet.

I voiced my concerns via many emails and telephone calls to both housing associations sadly, to no avail.  Following a meeting with your good self, you made representations on my behalf and we have just heard that the necessary repairs have commenced.

Debbie (Constituent) - August 2019


With Care for the elderly being so much in the public eye at the moment I would very much like to say how very grateful I am for Gillian Keegan’s concern , investigation and her help in finding an appropriate, safe and comfortable placement for my 91 year old fragile and suffering from serious dementia mum whose residency at a local dementia Home was suddenly and at short notice terminated .I suspect that without Gillian’s  prompt intervention things may not have ended so well.

Tina (Constituent) - June 2019


Our son was on a walking tour in Europe and was detained in Hungary, in contravention of both Hungarian and European Union law.  Despite extensive family efforts, we were unable to get him repatriated to the UK.  However, when we involved Gillian, she immediately broke the log-jam by going directly to the Justice Secretary who spoke to his Hungarian opposite number to resolve the issue.

Barbara and Roger (Constituents) - May 2019


I have taken to my phone to email you spontaneously after your contribution on today’s programme. I thought your response in particular to Melanie Phillip’s description of the Tory party  was remarkable. Your honesty, humility and perceptiveness were so refreshing and inspiring. 

I would urge you to think again about ‘‘promotion’ in the party. I hope that doesn’t sound patronising. You clearly have the interpersonal skills perhaps lacking at the top of the party and you speak with an engaging self-assurance. 

I hope others have been inspired by your ‘growth’ mindset, openness and integrity. Your implied description of yourself as a learner was terrific.

I have two grown up, professional daughters and I regard you as a great role model for women.

Mark (General Public) - May 2019 - after Gillian's Politics Live appearance on 09/05/19


I watched you today on daily politics it’s crazy how you can listen to someone for half hour and change your mind about so much your a very clever lady and I hope lots more people who watched it today get the same from it as I have good luck.

Stewart (General Public) - May 2019 - after Gillian's Politics Live appearance on 09/05/19


After recently facing the threat of homelessness with my two children, I decided to involve my local MP. Gillian immediately intervened and wrote several times to myself and the local council and as a result we are finally getting the help we need. Ms Keegan went above and beyond my expectations and it’s wonderful to have an MP that truly cares about her constituents.

Lisa (Constituent) - April 2019


Having your support has obviously had an impact because I was unable to arrange a meeting with a Homemove Officer on my previous visit. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write back and forth, I will make it my personal mission to let everyone know how good our MP is!

Lisa (Constituent) - February 2019


A huge thank you to Gillian, who turned up on a ridiculously wintry night last Friday, to speak to a few of the Chichester Young Farmers! She was absolutely on form, and the feedback from the meeting is very much along the lines of “How normal she is!” “How interested in farming she is”, and best of all, “How easy she is to talk to”!

Janet, Chichester Young Farmers - February 2019


I very much appreciate the help you gave me and my daughter with getting carpets fitted in our new home. I was concerned that we would have to live with bare concrete floors and I am very happy that you managed to help get the situation sorted before we moved in. We love our new home and the carpets are fabulous!

(Constituent, moving into a new housing association property) – January 2019


I am so grateful to you Gillian, for taking up my concerns about the desecration of HMS Repulse, and to put this to Mr Williamson the Secretary of State for Defence in The House, gives me some hope for the future. It has been very difficult to get anything positive from anyone else and some replies have disappointingly been rather dismissive. I shall continue to be asking questions in the hope that there can be a halt in any salvaging on this and other war graves at sea. Thank you once again for your support.

Richard, (Constituent) January 2019


Gillian Keegan, having started as an apprentice herself, is passionate about promoting apprenticeships as a pathway to a successful career which she supports as Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for apprenticeships. Consequently when I approached her recently to ask her to support a new Project Manager Degree Apprenticeship BSc (Hons) being offered by the University of Portsmouth, her comments were all the more inspiring as her own experience demonstrates the potential of following the apprenticeship route. 

Simon Lloyd-Williams, Project Manager Degree Apprenticeship at University of Portsmouth, January 2019


Janet and I were most impressed by your excellent presentation and comprehensive explanations in answer to the questions from the audience this evening. It is most reassuring that we have such a knowledgeable and capable person as our MP and am sure that we and the rest of the UK will be hearing much more about you as your career develops which we  have little doubt it will. Many thanks for your time and very best wishes for the future, your talents are exactly what both the conservative party and the country need  right now.

Barrie and Janet (Constituents) January 2019 - following West Wittering open meeting


We would like to thank you for your letter concerning asbestos checks added on to our service charges with Hyde Housing. We very much appreciated your taking the time to look into this for me.

It is a relief to know that we will not have this charge on our account in the future. Gillian, you are amazing!

- (Constituent) September 2018


Thank you so much for helping us after our frustrating experience with the Foreign Office.

My wife’s mother now has a shiny new tourist visa to come and visit us in Chichester in time for Christmas (she is Ugandan and has never travelled outside her country before)! My wife and I were married in June in Oving: regrettably a visitor’s visa application for my mother-in-law was turned down and she missed our wedding; sadly there was no provision to appeal the decision… and then Gillian intervened.

My mother-in-law is now so excited; she has been telling all her family and friends in Uganda how an English MP, whom she has never met, took the time and effort to help make her dream come true.

Gillian, you are a very real blessing.

- Gary and Nimlet (Constituents) August 2018


On behalf of West Sussex Growers’ Association, I would like to thank you for your support over the last year for the Horticultural Industry in your constituency. As you already know; the Horticultural Industry in the Chichester area employs over 9,000 people and has annual sales of more than £1billion.

We very much appreciated the whole day that you spent with us last summer, visiting leading horticultural businesses in the area and discussing issues with owners and senior managers.  I know how much you enjoyed the day with us and we were grateful for the full and frank discussions that ensued.  We were also pleased that you were able to find time to be the guest speaker at our Autumn Dinner at the Vicars’ Hall, Chichester at the end of last year.

During this year, the Association has continued to discuss with you and your colleagues such issues as: continued access to the EU labour market, future trade with the EU and the wider world, water resources, improvements to the A27 and many other topics that have a direct effect on the prosperity of the Horticulture Industry in the Chichester area. 

We are delighted that you will be visiting West Sussex Growers’ again in September and that you have agreed to be a key contributor to our Autumn Conference: Innovation, Automation & Robotics to be held at the University of Chichester in October 2018.

The Association and its Members look forward to continuing to work closely with you and your colleagues for many years to come.

- West Sussex Growers Association July 2018


Gillian and I, as CDC Leader, have worked extremely well together since her election to Parliament last year. She has helped to arrange accommodation for family and civil hearings at the CDC offices after the Courts close. She has facilitated meetings with Highways England to take the complex A27 issues forward. I know I can always count on her to help advance the District's interests with any part of central Government.

- Tony Dignum, Leader of Chichester District Council June 2018


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work in resolving our visa issue. You and your team have been absolutely fantastic at every stage and our only regret is that we didn’t contact you sooner. 

- Guy and Lara (Constituents) June 2018


Thank you so much for all your, help.  I am sure everything would have taken  so much longer if you hadn’t been there helping to get the “message” through to West Sussex CC.

- Sarah (Constituent) June 2018


Camelsdale Primary School (the oldest West Sussex County Council School) in the Midhurst and Petworth Rother Valley Locality of Schools, are delighted to be working closely with Gillian Keegan as our Member of Parliament. Gillian is a very active MP and has taken a great deal of trouble to get to know our schools  and to listen very carefully to the issues we are facing. This has included the issue of school funding and complex special needs. We are very pleased to be working with her to unpick these issues further in the best interests of our small rural schools. Gillian is very approachable as an MP and quickly builds good relationships. She wants our ideas as well as the hard facts and is very keen to support us. Gillian works hard and yet you feel she has time for you when you are in her company... the children loved seeing her when she took time out to visit year 5 pupils from Camelsdale Primary School on a recent visit to Parliament. She tailored her answers to the children’s perceptive questions superbly and relates well to children too! We are very pleased to have Gillian on our side and to be working with her. She is a hands-on, approachable MP and represents us well. Thank you Gillian. Keep up the good work!

- Sarah Palmer, Head Teacher of Camelsdale Primary School May 2018


I would like to show my appreciation to the honourable member of parliament for Chichester for her excellent assistance with my immigration issues with the Home Office.With her personal involvement the issues were sorted quickly and promptly and will always be grateful to her for her service.Thank you very much.

- Umar (Constituent) May 2018


Gillian, thank you so much for joining us at the Chichester Chamber of Commerce lunch on 13th May 2018, with a variety of local Businesses in attendance.  You engaged so well with all the attendees by immediately walking around the room and introducing yourself to each and every one of them.  You then proceeded to answer all their questions without hesitation or avoidance.  Everyone so enjoyed hearing about your background and how you have become an MP. 

The feedback we have received from this lunch has been fabulous and we appreciated you saying that you would happily support any similar events we run in the future. 

- Julie Harrison CEO Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry April 2018


I'd like to thank you for your quick response and swift intervention in what was for me a very stressful and confusing time with regards to my recent cancer diagnosis. You're input really got things moving and I now very much on the road to recovery having received (and still receiving) the urgent treatment I require, thank you once again.

- Gordon (Constituent) April 2018


I would just like to say a huge 'thank you' for your intervention. I have no doubt that without it she would still be in a nightmare situation. 

She and her partner have a beautiful daughter and are so content and happy in their flat. It's more than they could have wished for. It's large, warm, newly built, has a garden they can't believe it. 

I know they have been very fortunate and I'm so grateful for your help. I know many families aren't so lucky. Please be assured that they are a very deserving, hard working  and appreciative family.

Many, many thanks

- Veronica (Constituent) March 2018


"I would like to thank you for your prompt response to a long going issue we have had with a branch of a national housing group based in Chichester. Services charges were the problem. As a result of your intervention, we have had a response which we hope will come to an amicable resolution."

- Debbie (Constituent) February 2018


"I am very grateful to the support and personal interest taken by Gillian Keegan in helping me resolve a long standing and deeply frustrating issue regarding rural broadband connectivity.

Gillian was instrumental in helping my particular case get attention from BT and Openreach. I am happy to say that after her support, our particular part of rural Sussex is finally getting a fibre connection. Thank you for all your support!”

- Paul (Constituent) February 2018