We Will Remember Them - Chichester Observer

As the nights draw in, the ground is covered in leaves and bonfire night is over, so it comes to that special time of the year when we remember those in our armed forces and across the Commonwealth who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Give women more power to fight back - Sun on Sunday

SHINING a light on any industry is all but certain to show up distasteful and repugnant practices.

Westminster has borne the brunt of claims this week but it’s not unique to the corridors of power.

I should know. I have racked up 27 years of business experience.

Rehabilitation - Chichester Observer

I recently led the evidence session on the state of mental health in our prisons as part of my role on the Public Accounts Committee. This required a fair bit of research as I knew nothing about our prisons and, like most people, had never even been inside one.

Charity at Home and Abroad - Chichester Observer

I’m constantly in awe of how much people in Chichester and beyond do to help others. This week I spent some time with The Sussex Snowdrop Trust, who provide nurses to help care for sick children at home with life threatening illnesses.

Back to Parliament - Chichester Observer

After the conference recess we all headed back to Parliament. There are many topics discussed in the chamber, but voting concerned the Finance Bill.