A27 Improvement


The proposed improvement scheme for the A27 has been a contentious subject amongst constituents. Gillian has met with constituents and businesses through the Community Workshop Programme organised by West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council. Gillian has also had meetings and conversations with the local authorities on over 30 occasions, to fully understand the different perspectives and keep the process moving forward.

At the end of February 2017, Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, announced the cancellation of the A27 Chichester Improvement Scheme. He said this was due to the withdrawal of support for the shortlisted options, and significant local campaigning by residents.

In response to the announcement the local authorities, councillors, campaigners and community groups, established the Build a Better A27 group to bring people together to see if it is possible to find a community lead solution. Through this process the community has come together around two acceptable options which have been put forward, and are currently being consider by Highways England who are undertaking affordability and viability studies. You can read more about the community action and the work Gillian has been doing in the updates below.

Discussions with Highways England and the Department for Transport are ongoing. The Chichester MP has met and corresponded with officials frequently since being elected and has continually made the case for funding in Chichester. She has said that she will ‘continue our conversations to push for progress.’


Transport Questions

6. What assessment he has made of the effect of operationally efficient transport infrastructure on levels of productivity.

Update on BABA27

Many constituents have been in touch to ask questions about how the representatives of the Build a Better A27 (BABA27) group have been decided or because they have been told that they will not be able to attend the community meetings at this point in the process.

The sooner the better for an A27 solution - Chichester Observer

Anyone who lives in the south east of England can tell you that our trains and roads have reached capacity. Last week I took part in a Westminster Hall debate centred around a new body called Transport for the South East (TFSE), which was formed in the summer of last year.

Statement from Gillian on A27 process

I understand from WSCC that the recent survey, undertaken by the Chichester Observer, is part of an exercise to gather as many views and suggestions about what a solution could look like.

Gillian Keegan MP had a meeting with Jim O'Sullivan and Louise Goldsmith

Gillian Keegan MP met with Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council and Jim O'Sullivan, Chief Executive of Highways England, to discuss the A27 improvement schemes in Westminster.  During their meeting they discussed the outcome requirements for future improvement suggestions.

Gillain Keegan MP gives an update on the A27

Over the summer I have held 17 meetings to discuss the A27. These included two with the Roads Minister, four with Highways England, three with the community group Build a Better A27 and the rest with West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council.