About Gillian Keegan

Gillian was born in Lancashire, went to primary school in Yorkshire and completed her secondary education at a comprehensive school in Knowsley, Merseyside. She started work as an apprentice at Delco Electronics, a subsidiary of General Motors in Kirkby aged 16.  Whilst learning about the manufacturing industry she was sponsored to study a degree in Business Studies at Liverpool John Moores University.

For the next 25 years she worked and lived abroad, working in the manufacturing, banking and IT industries. Most recently she was the Chief Marketing Officer for a global company in the travel technology sector, prior to that she was responsible for global customer sales and account management, based in Madrid for eight years. In 2010 Gillian spent a year studying a Sloan Fellowship master’s degree at London Business School primarily to update her knowledge on digital technology and to develop her strategy and leadership skills.

In 2014 she switched her focus to politics. She was first elected as a local councillor in October 2014 and in May 2015 she stood as a parliamentary candidate in St Helens South and Whiston, Merseyside, gaining second place for the Conservatives for the first time. Gillian is particularly interested in improving career opportunities for school leavers and attracting more business investment. She is also a big fan of high quality apprenticeships which gave her the right start in life to go on and build a successful career.

She is married to Michael (pictured) and has two stepsons who are both studying at university.