Gillian meets with local farmers

Gillian Keegan MP visited farms in the north of the constituency, seeing some of the 118,197 acres of farmland. Gillian was shown cattle sheds, and the site where the new robotic milking machines are due to be installed at Buddington Farm.

Gillian Keegan MP attends Fawcett Report Launch

Chichester MP joined the launch of the Fawcett Societies Sex Discrimination Law Review Final Report.

The Sex Discrimination Law Review Panel who produced this report with Fawcett was made up of a team of legal experts and chaired by Dame Laura Cox, DBE, a retired High Court Justice.

Gillian Keegan MP visits the Weald and Downland Museum

Gillian Keegan MP visited the Weald and Downland Museum Open Air Museum, the site covers 40 acres with over 50 historic buildings, that have been disassembled from sites across the UK and then painstakingly reassembled at the Singleton site.

Gillian Keegan MP meets with Tangmere Tower Project Team

Chichester MP, Gillian Keegan met with Matt and Neil from the Tangmere Tower project where they spoke about the tower and the campaign so far. Gillian was accompanied by her husband Michael Keegan who is a history enthusiast.

Year of Engineering 2018

Gillian Keegan MP joins the campaign to inspire the next generation of engineers

Gillian has pledged her support for a national campaign to get more young people into engineering, joining government and industry in a united effort to tackle a major skills gap.

Statement by West Sussex MPs

West Sussex MPs lobbied hard for the introduction of a National Funding Formula, and the extra £28 million for West Sussex schools has gone a considerable way towards making funding fairer. Our secondary schools will receive up to 12 per cent more funding when the Formula is fully implemented.