The protest that came to Parliament

Gillian Keegan MP met with members of the Extinction Rebellion group in Parliament. The Chichester MP asked to address the group to discuss their movement. Gillian spent over an hour hearing and debating almost 50 of the protestors who were present.

The Rebellion movement had spent the previous three days protesting outside parliament and at other major landmarks and transport hubs across the capital, bringing London to a standstill at times.

Over the conversation the announced a range of policy ideas to help curb climate change. There were areas where Gillian the Chichester MP disagreed with their approach, such as the suggestion of a one-child policy and a bid to limit citizens to a single long-haul and short-haul flight per year. The Chichester MP described these ideas as ‘totalitarian’ on an appearance on the BBCs Westminster Hour.

However, there were six suggestions that Gillian said she would investigate further and write to the Minister about.

After the meeting one of the Extinction Rebellion protestors in attendance, Chris Gibson, posted on Twitter to say: all respect to @GillianKeegan who came and met all our group, irrespective of constituency, engaged robustly but fairly, listened, and I hope and believe took away some positive ideas of the ways this government can start to step up to the mark