MP's Climate Speech - Chichester Post

Chichester’s MP, Gillian Keegan, took part in one of the recent Queen’s Speech debates on the environment in the House of Commons.

Mrs Keegan championed several local initiatives in her speech, including a local sustainable education charity, Tuppeny Barn; Chichester City Council, which has declared a ‘climate emergency,’ and The Woodhorn Group, ‘a model of sustainable farming practice’.

The MP has done significant work on the environment, which was evident in her speech where she referenced her meetings with campaign groups such as Extinction Rebellion, The Time Is Now and EcoChi.

Mrs Keegan also spoke about her recent visit to a Passivhaus, where efficient materials and building practices provide homes with a minimal carbon footprint. A point she highlighted by sharing that an annual energy bill is less than £200.

The Chichester MP went on to share her experience of going down a mine shaft with her grandfather as a girl, pointing out the transformation our energy economy has gone through within her lifetime.

The MP concluded her speech by calling for a united approach in tackling climate change across every political party and every section of society.

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