Update statement from Gillian on Brexit

In order to make a success of Brexit it is my view that we need to leave with an agreement. This is why myself, the leadership contenders and 90% of Conservative MPs voted for the deal which had been agreed with the EU over the past three years. In my opinion this deal provides a workable solution and delivered on the result of the referendum whilst protecting our economy from the damaging consequences of a “no deal” Brexit.

I understand some people actively want us to leave the European Union without any deal and trade on WTO terms but in my view this would create unnecessary risk for thousands of businesses and millions of people across our country. It is much better to find a deal that can pass through Parliament and includes a transition period.

We have currently reached an impasse in Parliament until we have a new Prime Minister in place, which is expected to be announced by the 23 July. Any new Prime Minister will almost certainly go back to the EU to try and renegotiate the terms of the Irish border backstop.

I remain supportive of leaving the EU but with a negotiated deal in place. If this is not possible then the new Government must provide a detailed plan with mitigation for affected industry sectors so we understand fully the implications of leaving to trade on WTO terms.