Questions to the Prime Minister

Gillian Keegan: No country has ever left the EU using article 50, so I do not underestimate the challenge, but back in the real world, businesses up and down the country—with the possible exception of Wetherspoon—are extremely disappointed with last night’s vote, and short-term investment decisions are still on hold or going against the UK. Does the Prime Minister agree that protecting just-in-time supply chains, on which my constituents’ jobs depend, must be at the heart of any solution?

The Prime Minister: My hon. Friend has raised an important point. One of the things that the deal we put to Parliament last night did was protect those just-in-time supply chain models, and our position on their importance has not changed. As we look ahead to today’s vote, we should bear in mind that backing the Government today will enable us to find a way forward on Brexit and on the issues which, as my hon. Friend says, matter at home, to ensure that this country has the Government it needs to take that forward, deliver on the referendum, and—as my hon. Friend says—protect not just the jobs of her constituents, but jobs throughout the country.