'Grow up and get behind Theresa May!' - The Express

TORY MP Gillian Keegan has insisted that the various political groups and MP’s pushing for a vote of no confidence against Theresa May need to “grow up” and get behind UK business and her deal.

The Conservative MP, Gillian Keegan, was on Sky News debating the possibility of a second referendum vote with Labour MP Rupa Huq and Sky News host Adam Boulton before she was asked about Theresa May being ousted as Prime minister. Mr Boulton asked her: “Where do you think we are with this Conservative push for a no-confidence vote. ”Mrs Keegan replies: “Last week I thought it absolutely was going to happen.

“There were 48 letters spoken about at one point.

“If you are in the Prime Minister’s situation, you have to plan that this is going to happen.

The Tory MP then went on emphasise how odd a situation the UK government finds themselves in with so much secrecy behind whether there will be a no-confidence vote in the Conservative party.

Following the backlash from Theresa May’s Brexit deal, unrest in the Conservative party has focussed on appointing another leader to renegotiate a deal with the EU.

She continued: “The thing is, there are threats all around the Prime Minister.

“There are threats from the DUP, the Scottish parties, from the Labour party and the ERG.

“Theresa May is surrounded by people who are really trying to get their narrow view represented, opportunism.

“We have about another month where I am hopeful that all of these groups grow up!”

By Gerrard Kaonga

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