Gillian Keegan MP is questioned by Bishop Luffa students

Gillian Keegan MP visited Bishop Luffa in Chichester to tour the school, meet with students and discuss the school's budget. The MP for spent over an hour looking in detail at the accounts of the school to better understand the funding pressures.

Gillian was asked about topics such as Brexit, and education funding in her discussion with some pupils at the school.

Gillian explained her view on the Brexit negotiation with her 27 year background in business and negotiations. She explains the importance of an outcome based result, putting the economy first, and the importance of ensuring a positive future for the youth of the UK population.  Gillian explained that her redline would be an outcome that produced youth unemployment similar to what she experienced when she lived in Spain.

She also made an open offer to the students for work experience with her in Westminster and in the Constituency.