Tim Peake and the UK space industry - Chichester Observer

One of the many privileges of being an MP is receiving invitations to local community events. Last weekend was extra special as my husband and I were included in the event to honour Chichester born astronaut Tim Peake.

Plastic plans and councillor role change - Chichester Observer

I have given up something for Lent every year since I was a child. I started off with great sacrifices such as sweets or chocolate and gradually progressed to wine or gin, but this year I am doing something a little different by giving up single use plastics.

Some good news despite bank closures - Chichester Observer

Last week in Parliament we debated the rapid closure of bank branches across the country. This particularly impacts rural towns and villages where bank branch usage has dropped to very low levels. For decades we have seen technology enter our everyday lives including in the banking sector.

Police getting smarter about how they work - Chichester Observer

This week saw the opening of a new Police Hub in Selsey. A modern bright facility with all mod cons, it is there to ensure witness statements can be taken and crimes reported in person, locally instead of requiring a trip to Chichester.

Let’s make the most of British talent

BRITAIN’S got talent. This country’s success is built upon a mix of unconventional innovators, plucky entrepreneurs and hard-working employees. But to make the most of this wealth of natural resources, we must ensure that our country has the skills to thrive.