Passionate debate, Brexit and healthcare - Chichester Observer

The New Year has begun although in Westminster many of the political tensions have carried over from 2018. Now we are all back from Christmas recess, the debates on our Withdrawal from the EU are starting and MPs and the public have a lot to say on the issue.

Get into the festive spirit - Chichester Observer

I have really enjoyed the build up to Christmas this year. In Westminster I was part of the choir for the annual Singing for Syrians concert, which saw me singing in front of 500 people to raise awareness and money for those caught in the conflict in Syria.

Confidence vote is an unwelcome distratction - Chichester Observer

I really enjoyed visiting the Chichester Free School who are finally housed in their wonderful new and restored buildings. I toured the facilities which are lovely and spacious, with all mod cons being put to good use enriching the educational experience for pupils.

We must show support for local businesses - Chichester Observer

As the countdown to Christmas begins our thoughts turn to shopping and what special gifts we can buy for our family. In today’s world of online shopping and large retail parks it is easy to overlook the small independent retailer.

Let’s end AIDS for good -CFID

World AIDS Day on December 1st 2018 is a chance for all of us to focus on what we can individually do to help eradicate AIDS across the world. Everyone will probably have a different personal reason for wanting this campaign to be a success. I have a very personal one that’s close to home.

'Grow up and get behind Theresa May!' - The Express

TORY MP Gillian Keegan has insisted that the various political groups and MP’s pushing for a vote of no confidence against Theresa May need to “grow up” and get behind UK business and her deal.