Coronavirus: Food Shopping

Updated 31st March 2020

Supermarket / Pharmacy Covid-19 Action


Opening hours: From Friday 20 March stores will be closing at 8pm, Sunday hours will remain the same.

Product restrictions: Four items of any one product, two per customer on nappy and baby products during each visit and four per person on wine or spirits.

Emergency workers: Priority ahead of queues and a dedicated browsing time for Emergency Workers (NHS, Police and Fire Service) from 9.30-10am every Sunday. Eligible customers will be able to take priority at checkouts when they open at 10am. Relevant ID is required.

Social distancing: Entry to stores may me limited; 2m distance markers will be placed throughout stores; Perspex screens around tills will be installed

Online: Extended delivery time frame for all deliveries to 3 to 10 working days. Limit of12 units per online order on wines or spirits and grocery products are not available for order online. Contact-free deliveries for wine and specialbuy products where possible. If your parcel requires a signature for Proof of Delivery the driver may ring or knock on the door and then where safe to do so, retreat 2 metres away from the door where they will ask for your surname to validate the delivery. For larger orders you may be contacted directly to discuss the safest way to deliver your parcel. Carriers will not enter your home or property.

Other: Will continue to donate food surplus via distribution partner Neighbourly.

Donated £250,000 to Age UK to support their work with the elderly given their incredibly important work right now.


Opening hours: store opening hours have been changed, you can check your local store opening times on the Asda Store Locator.

Product restrictions: As of 18 March, customers will only be able to buy up to three of any product across all food items, toiletries and cleaning products.

NHS Staff: From 23 March, priority access every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-9am in larger stores. ID is required.

Elderly and vulnerable customers: Launching a new volunteer shopping for elderly and vulnerable to purchase, top up and give to those who are helping them with shopping. From Friday 20 March, from store opening until 9am, larger stores available for vulnerable people and their carers.

Elderly and vulnerable (online): Asda will contact their customers who have been identified by the NHS as the most vulnerable and contact them to offer first access to delivery slots

Social distancing: Staff at the front of  stores to ensure safe numbers in store at all times; new barriers and signage to guide customers once inside, including distance floor-markers; perspex screens will soon be fitted at checkouts; some Scan and Go tills will be closed; from 1st April, contactless limit will be increasing to £45. Request to bring fewer family members when visiting  stores

In-store:Temporarily closing non-essential service counters to make more space available.

Online: All drivers equipped with sanitizer spray.

For those self-isolating, advise Asda in the ‘Other Information’ section when placing online order and say where to leave the order (e.g. on the doorstep, at the front gate etc.). Drivers will wear disposable gloves when delivering orders and leave the order at the requested location and make the customer aware the delivery has arrived by ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door. If the shopping isn’t collected quickly, drivers will call the customer. If the customer does not respond then the order will be cancelled and taken back to store with the customer receiving a full refund.


Opening hours: Pharmacies may close for short periods throughout the day to allow for extra cleaning.

Product restrictions: Restricted sales of hand sanitisers, healthcare and femcare products to two per person.

Social distancing: limiting the number of people who are allowed inside at any one time; marking out floors and closing off some sections; installing Perspex and plastic screens on pharmacy counters.

Online: Boots are increasing the capacity of the free online repeat prescription service with a large fleet and working with local volunteers. Priority of will be given to those over 70 years old and those who are required to shield. Delivery charges will be waived.

Advice: Pharmacists in the Boots support office are running regular Q&A sessions online and answering the most frequently asked questions through social media.

In-store: Temporarily closed on non-essential services including beauty from March 24, the majority of Boots Opticians and Hearingcare stores across the UK have also been closed. Those which remain open are listed here or


Opening times: From 24 March, most stores will be open 7am-8pm.Stores with a petrol station will have a closing time of 11pm.

Product restrictions: Two-item cap on certain products

Elderly and vulnerable customers and their carers: Priority shopping Mon-Sat 8-9am, Sun 10-11am.

NHS staff: Priority hour 8-9am Mon-Sat and 10-11am on Sunday.

Social distancing: Limiting the number of customers in the store at any one time; 2m floor markers introduced in-stores and 1m in front of kiosks; reducing number of tills and installing protective screens at tills.

Children: For every week of unplanned closure of schools, Co-Op is giving 6,500 students who would otherwise have free meals at the Co-Op's 25 Academy schools a £20 voucher to use at any Co-Op food store.

In-store: enhanced cleaning, especially chip and pin pads, self-checkouts and ATMs

Online: Where slots are available, you will only be able to order up to 20 items.


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm. Some stores may vary in opening times, this will be communicated via window posters and online via the Store Locator. Sunday: normal trading hours.

NHS Staff: 5-6pm or final hour of trading for stores with different opening hours.

Elderly and vulnerable customers: Priority access Mon-Sat during first hour of trading in Iceland stores; for The Food Warehouse it will be Mon-Sat 8-9am.

Social distancing: number of people in stores may be limited during busy times and every other checkout will be closed.


Opening hours: All stores are open buy some are operating with changed opening hours. Please check using the online Lidl Store Finder.

Product restrictions: Four items per customer for certain products, including household essentials, cleaning products, pasta, rice and tinned goods. Items will be signposted in local stores.

Social distancing: Protective visors for staff; plastic screens at tills; and increased security outside of store

Lloyds pharmacy

Opening hours: Stores will open an hour later than usual, which for many stores will be 10am, and will close for the last hour of the day, which is typically between 5pm-6pm, however, stores with late opening will differ. Sainsbury’s locations will reflect the Sainsbury’s opening hours but will continue to close between 1pm and 2pm for lunch.

Social distancing: From 25 March, stores will be operating a strict two-in-two-out policy and all pharmacists and pharmacy staff have been given face masks and gloves.

Prescription services: Recommended that you place your prescription order in advance (don't wait until you run out), and register for SMS notification of when it is ready.

Online: Lloyd's may temporarily suspend certain in-store or online services to manage high demand. Any changes to full-service offering will be communicated via and on social media channels. Echo by LloydsPharmacy can deliver to any address for free, for people unable to pick up their prescription -

Marks and Spencer 

Product restrictions: Temporary purchasing restrictions to two items per customer to frozen foods, homecare, groceries and eggs

NHS staff and emergency service workers:special shopping hour for the first hour each Tuesday and Friday morning.

Elderly and vulnerable customers: First hour of trading reserved for elderly and vulnerable customers in all stores from Friday 20 March and after this, every Monday and Thursday.

Social distancing: 2m floor markers introduced in stores; sneeze guards are being installed at tills; contactless payments increased to £45; a member of staff will manage the number of customers in store during busy times.

In-store: Moving workers from M&S Clothing and Home teams to their food stores to improve service. Increasing hygiene measures across stores and supply chains

Online: Introducing contact-free deliveries

Local: Launched the Neighbourly Community Fund, a community platform and emergency fund that will be distributed to local charities. M&S customers can support by selecting the Neighbourly Community Fund as their Sparks charity.

Other: Offering support and currency refunds to M&S Bank customers


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm. Sunday opening times will be as usual.

Product restrictions: temporary purchase limits on certain products where there is high demand

NHS Staff: : Priority hour Mon-Sat 7-8am. From 2 April NHS staff will be able to make use of a click and collect a food box from hospital car parks. There will be two deliveries a week on Monday and Thursday. The £30 box includes toilet roll, pasta, rice, soup, tinned goods and some fruit and veg. More info here

Social distancing: Protective screens will be installed at every main bank checkout in the majority of stores; limiting the number of customers and colleagues inside at any one time; new flow inside stores and floor stickers and signage

In-store: Increased cleaning in stores.


Launched a new range of simple-to-order food box, including options for vegetarians

Making more delivery slots available through and the Morrisons Store on Amazon Prime Now.

Launching a customer call centre for orders to be taken over the phone so that people who do not shop online can still order food.

Delivery drivers will not enter houses or hand over shopping bags. Please mention as part of your Delivery Instructions if you are self-isolating so that our drivers can organise with you how to best deliver your order.

Restriction of only 3 items per customer on every product line online.

The App has been temporarily turned off.

Internal: Launching a colleague hardship fund where staff will be able to apply for funds if they experience a financial setback.


Product restrictions: Some products limited to 1-2 per order. It will not be possible to buy bottled water.

New customers: prioritising deliveries for existing customers.

Deliveries: Customers can only book one delivery slot every seven days. Personal shoppers and drivers will be confirmed, and new delivery slots will be announced when there is capacity.

Online: The website directs customers onto a virtual queue. Please don't close or refresh this page. The app has been taken offline.


Product restrictions: From 18 March, customers will be able to buy a maximum of three of any grocery product and a maximum of two on the most popular products including toilet paper, soap and UHT milk. From 5 April, some remove limits will be removed but will remain  on the most popular items which include UHT milk, pasta and tinned tomatoes.

Elderly and vulnerable customers:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all Sainsbury's supermarkets will dedicate 8-9am to serving elderly customers, disabled customers and carers.

Elderly and customers with disabilities (online): From 26 March onwards, Sainsburys will receive a government database which identifies people in England the considered to be most vulnerable. Where these people are already registered with Sainsbury’s, they will be contacted from the week beginning 30 March, to offer them a delivery slot.

From  23 March,  online customers over 70 or who have a disability will have priority access to online delivery slots. Using information given previously (including date of birth and use of the vulnerable customer helpline), Sainsbury's contacted customers that fall into this criteria on 22 March with information on when slots will become available.  If you did not receive an email and you consider yourself to be vulnerable, please visit the Groceries Online website from 23 March for information on how to contact Sainsbury's.

Sainsburys are working to create an option for people to register themselves as disabled and vulnerable on online shopping accounts.

Social distancing: From 26 March the number of people allowed in  stores and at ATMs will be limited. Queuing systems will be put in place outside stores and will ask everyone to please queue at a safe distance of 2 metres apart. Customers buying petrol will be asked to pay at the pump where possible. The number of checkouts will be reduced and safety screens installed at every manned checkout. From 3 April, only send one adult per household allowed into shops.

Online: For any online customer who can travel to stores, from 23 March, there will be an expanded ‘click and collect’ service.

In-store: Closing non-essential service counters from  19 March to make more space available


Opening hours: Some stores will not open if there is insufficient staff, this will be reviewed each day. To find out if your local Superdrug is open, look it up on the Superdrug Store Locator and call the store. Any open stores will be operating on reduced hours of 10am to 5pm.

Social distancing: 2 metre distancing in-stores; Perspex screens at till point and pharmacy counter; extra card only tills, the removal of testers and restricting the number of customers per store at any one time.

Product restrictions: hand sanitisers and baby milk sales limited to 2 per customer.

Online: prescriptions can be delivered for those who struggle to go out to collect them, Superdrug Online NHS Prescription service

Other: In-Store: all Beauty Services have been temporarily closed and staff redeployed to other areas.


Opening hours: All stores closing at 10pm to enable restocking.

Product restrictions: From 19 March, storewide restrictions of only 3 items per customer on every product line, and removing multi-buy promotions. In product areas where demand is particularly high, the range has been simplified in order to get more of the most popular products on shelves.

NHS Staff: Priority browsing hour in all stores (excluding Express) 9-10am Tuesdays, Thursdays and browsing hour before check outs open on Sundays.  Check for store opening hours. ID is required.

Elderly and vulnerable customers: Prioritising one hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning between 9-10am (except in Express stores) for elderly and vulnerable shoppers

Social distancing: floor markings in car park for queues; limiting the number of people in store; directional floor markings and new signage in stores; protective screens installed at check outs; where possible, separate entrances and exits will be created

In-store: Temporarily closing non-essential service counters to make more space available. Introducing some distancing measures at the checkout.

Online: Encouraging customers who currently shop online or choose Click and Collect to prioritise shopping in-store where possible, to help free up derlivery slots


Product restrictions: In addition to existing limits on some online items, there will be a limit of three for any specific grocery item, and a maximum of two packets of toilet roll per customer buying in shops (excluding fresh fruit and vegetables).

NHS staff: Daily essentials will be kept aside, and once NHS staff arrive to check out, they will receive priority treatment.

Elderly and vulnerable customers: First hour of opening prioritised for the elderly, vulnerable and their carers.

Elderly and vulnerable customers (online): Intend to introduce a way for vulnerable customers to book preferential delivery slots online, and will announce further details soon. This will be done in a number of ways, including contacting customers who have previously identified themselves to us as elderly or vulnerable, contacting all registered customers over the age of 70 who have a account and a Partnership Card, and using the list of vulnerable people the government intends to share with retailers.

Social distancing: Marshals in busiest shops to monitor 2m rule, queuing; screens installed at check outs; looking to increase contactless payment limit to £45; All Partners to be offered special protective visors; limiting the number of people allowed in shops at any one times

Other: A £1m Community Support Fund will be available to communities across the UK to help those in need in their local communities.